It is a post production process which rearranges or modifies the segments of the video from many video tapes to bring out a final piece of video. The complete process of bringing out a visual tape with the consistency is called Video Editing. As told earlier, this is a post production process and the work involved will be Editing of Sound Tracks, Editing of Video and film for the motion picture which can used for broadcasting in the media. There are varieties of editing like Linear Editing, Non – Linear Editing and Digital Video Editing.
Digital Editing  is the use of computer and associated technology for the onscreen video editing process.
Non – Linear Editing is the process of capturing the video files on the hard disk and later editing using software.

Why do you need to Edit your Video ?

People all around the world use Digital Camcorders and Normal Camcorders for recording their family milestones, Vacations, Ceremonies and other special events. Photographers use highly advanced cameras to video-graph their requirements like movies and commercials.  Such raw video footages have to be turned into fantastic videos with added music, titles and special effects to it. The special skills and equipments which are currently available in the market makes the digital editing service a very professional and creative one.

  • If you just play your video footage without an editing process , it will possess a lot of unwanted clips which may not be very impressive for  the viewer
  • There may be instances where the footage would not have been covered under proper lighting and also proper time intervals. This would abruptly distort the continuity of the video
  • Certain part of the footage would have to be given subtitles or some narrations in between to make it look more professional for the target audience
  • A better finish is given to the video footage overall. A video which is edited 10 times can definitely be presentable and viewable much better than raw unedited video footage.

Video Editing at Outsource – Infotech

  • The Post Production processes carried out at Outsource – Infotech are carried out by a team of professionals who give attention to the video frame by frame. Every individual frame is analysed and complemented with the right substance which can enhance it and make it look better.
  • We calculate the Continuity, Synchronization and Timing at the time of editing without disturbing the original flow of the video.
  • Our experts give you an edited Video Footage which can communicated to your audience without a distortion to the original source script.
  • We remove the most embarrassing scenes like Gaps and Gaffs, Pauses, Unwanted noise, Coughs or Sneezes.
  • We customize the editing process according to the clients requirements like Zooming, Custom Screens, Call outs, Style Fades etc.

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